cropped-girls_massage_015223_2.jpgSwedish– A relaxing light pressure massage that promotes relaxation and improves circulation.
60 Min $95, 90 Min $135, 120 Min $249

Aromatherapy Massage – A relaxing light pressure Swedish massge with your choice of essential oils that help to relieve tension and remedy ailment.
60 min $115 90 min $155

Signature Massage – A medium pressure massage with a variety of modalities including Swedish, Shiatsu, Sports, and Deep Tissue in the area of stress.
60 min $115, 90 min $155, 120 min $269

Pre-Natal Massage – A customized massage addressing the delicate needs of a mother-to-be.  Light comforting strokes help to alleviate aches, pains and fatigue.  For the second and third trimesters only.
60 Mins $115, 90 Min $155

Hot Stone Massage – This unique massage places warm basalt stones over the entire body. The heat from the stones radiates deeply into the muscle to provide stress reduction, deep relaxation and relief from physical pain.
60 min $115, 90 min $155

Hot Chocolate Massage – Hot Stone with our Chocolate Body Butter, amazing!         60 min $125

Deep Tissue Massage – Designed for individuals desiring deep muscular manipulation. Firm pressure and kneading movements help to relieve stressed muscle areas.
60 min $125, 90 min $165, 120 min $289

Couples Massage – Share your Spa experience with that special someone in our beautiful Couples Room while you receive side by side massages.

Per Couple:                                                                                                            Swedish 60 min $189, 90 min $269
Signature 60 min $229, 90 min $309                                                                     Deep Tissue or Hot Chocolate (Hot Stone with our Chocolate Body Butter)             60 Min $249 90 min $329